Clash of Clans 9.105.10 Latest Android APK Download in 2017

Are you an Android user and looking for something new and adventures? Do you love gaming? And looking for something new in Android gaming? Then Welcome to the world of gaming. This game is for you. It is full of adventure, challenges, entertainment, fighting, and fun. Clash of Clans 9.105.10 for Android and IOS users is available. It is one of the most popular games in the series of gaming. Clash of Clans is a web-based game. It is a management and strategy game.

This great themed game where the player is the chief of a village and the player is to build his own village. Clash of Clans game is a combat strategy game. It is a very interesting game. It is a well-battled game for the players of supercell Clash of Clans.

This is an online multiplayer game where 50 people can play together means 50 people can take part in this game together, can donate and receive troops and even talk to each other. Playing and earning gold is so much fun to play. You can win unlimited gold, unlimited elixir and gems from just playing this game .it is the responsibility of the player to defend his own kingdom. Send your troops to the different mission to destroy enemy camp. You can take advantage of every option available in the Clash of clans online.

COC Games is a wonderful journey to the builder base and discover new buildings and characteristics towards a new world. Fight with all your enemies and beat them and steal all their money and gold. Attack on their villages and play worldwide. Build your own village with unbeatable forces and train your troops and upgrade them to multiple levels so they can reach the high level. The latest version of  Clash of Clans update because it is completely free to play but there are some inbuilt purchases like gold like and gems etc.nut playing and installation is completely free. You can raise your own army and dragons and other fighters.

The game is divided into two completely stages. The first stage is that you have to build structures and hire citizens and you also have to pay for them. And the second stage is that you have a fight with your troops in real time to show up your skills. If you earn more trophies the more rank is upgraded of yourself.

This game is played by many people is highly recommended by the people. Every day there are maximum downloads of this game. The latest version of this game is 9.105.10 Android Apk comes on September 10, 2017, for Android OS users and this is the improved version the previous version and comes with error fixing criteria. You can play it on your android phones and tablets. People love to spend their time in the games Clash of Clans.

COC Is a challenging game. You can get a challenge from anywhere from any one of million players in the game from worldwide. Anyone can attack to your kingdom. Your duty is to save your kingdom from the outside attackers and to upgrade to your troops to the maximum level so that they get more powerful and performs a lot in the battle.


There are gold, elixir, and gems as a part of currency in the game. You can build different building and towers in your village. For this you need gold. Gold is used for building towers. Elixir is another currency. Dark elixirs are also available. Elixir is used to buy the troops soldier and to train them. Dark Elixir is used to buy a special type of soldier and heroes. Dark Elixir is also used to upgrade the troops at a certain level.

Clash of Clans of Latest Version 9.105.10 APK

Clash of Clans is a free mobile game by which you can enjoy a lot. Clash of Clans is an online multiplayer game where the player has to build his own kingdom, train his own troops, and attack to the other players. Lead to your own victory. The game top featured currencies are it uses gold, elixir and dark elixir. There are total four types of currencies available. These are resources which you use to buy the things, troops and other items. Gold and elixir are used to build and reload defense items that will help to protect the player from other players in the time of war. Elixir and dark elixir are used to train and upgrades troops and spells. Gems are the premium currency. Attacks are being done at different levels of three stars easy, medium and hard. It has a maximum time length of 3 minutes.

There is also a great feature of the single player game campaign in which the player can attack a series of fortified villages and earn the gold bars and the elixir. This game consists o two builders by default but the player can also upgrade the builders, maximum at level 5.players can buy the builders by increasing the number of gems. Clash of Clans Builder Base are used to constructing your kingdom. The more the builders are the easiest and fast your kingdom builds up. Builders are very important in the building construction.

There is a number of the building available to player to defend their village which includes cannons, eagle artilleries, archers’ tower, wizard tower, traps etc.

Players can also build their own walls to save their kingdom. Walls are also upgraded as the level of town hall increases.

Just build your own kingdom and enjoy with your world. Enjoy battles, fighting, building construction, training your troops, all under one game i.e. COC App. Build your own kingdom and be the king of your kingdom, save it from the attackers and win against all other million gold and elixir.

Upgrade your troops to get more stars. The more destruction your troops will make, the more stars they get.

Features of Clash of Clans Latest Version

  • Free of cost
  • Totally safe
  • Virus free
  • You can build your own kingdom(village)
  • Maximum 50 players can take place in a single war.
  • You can train your troops in your own way and upgrade them to multiple levels.
  • You can attack other on other villages.
  • Fight against goblin king to win gold and elixir
  • Defend your village from Cannons, bombs , traps and walls.
  • Multiple levels of upgrades.
  • Join easily with other players
  • Talk to other players
  • Build your village into an unbeatable kingdom.
  • Play with other players or start your own game or invite your friends to play
  • Friendly challenges and friendly wars
  • you can play it worldwide against millions of players.
  • You can play with yourself or can invite your friends to play.

COC Latest Version 9.105.10 APK

Since 2012 it is popular. The first Clash of clan is released for the IOS users but in 2013 Clash of Clans is also available for Android users. Supercells have developed this game. Supercells highly promoted their game in 2015. There are millions of people who play Clash of Clans daily. There are various updates being available timely. A single individual plays Clash of Clans multiple times a day. Nowadays Game online Clash of Clans has developed a lot. Today is the world of internet. Millions of users are using internet for playing this game. There are more than one million people who use Clash of Clans game every day.

Upadation of New Version of Clash and Clans 2017

  • When you upgraded to level 7 i.e. town hall 7 building you would unlock dark elixir. Dark Elixir is to upgrade dark elixir troops and heroes.
  • At town hall 10 you would upgrade to the defensive building.
  • Townhall 11 provides unlocking would provide you with an unlocking of real hero i.e. the Grand Warden.


There are two types of Barracks available in the game, the first one is barracks and the next one is dark barracks. The barracks are used for creating the troops. Using the elixir whereas the dark barracks is used to create troops but these types of troops are build only by using dark elixir.


There are also two types of spell factories available in this game .first one is the spell factory and another one is the dark spell factory. The spell factory follow the same pattern as the normal spell factory creates spells using elixir and the dark spell factory using dark elixir.


To earn and store the gold there is a very good option in building the gold mines and elixir collectors and storages for elixir. Elixir is used to train new troops, carry out research in the laboratories to upgrade the troops and your village. Gold is used to build buildings more defensive and to upgrade to town halls, which allows access to more buildings and the higher level of existing buildings.

When you upgraded to town hall seven then the dark elixir becomes available.

The more you play the more you get. It is a simple strategy of Clash of Clans new version that the more you win the more you get and the more powerful your village is. You will have to fight with other troop members and win to win more gold and elixir. If you have more gold and elixir then you can buy extra troops and train your troops more. You can play with 50 players in same time among all the millions of players from worldwide.

If you are lacking gold and elixir then there is also an alternate option for buying gold and elixir.tat is in-app purchases. In this you can pay for gold and elixir you buy, payments depend on the number on items and quantity you want to buy from the app. There is also various offers available time to time.

If you do not want to play with the other players then you can fight with the king Goblin and win to get his gold and elixir.

In the game if you see water fountain then it will give you 25 gems at once when you delete can get 25 gems weekly.

Do not waste the gems on expanding your storage tanks. These will help you In strengthen your soldiers. Thus if any other user attacks you, you should have more powerful soldiers to save your kingdom. Just keep collecting gold and elixir to be powerful in your village protection

Unlimited Gems

Along with the gold, elixir and dark elixir, the game also uses gems as a money or currency. Gems are used to finish the time that certain processes take like if your building is under construction and taking a lot of time to build then you can use the gems to boost up your speed of the construction of your building. If you need more gems than you can only buy it only through the in-app purchases or sometimes you are been awarded by the gems when you reach a certain level of the milestone. But now with the updation of the version of may 2017, a player can get the gem from the gem mines but the procedural time of gem mine is very slow.


You can take lot of advantage in the community of millions of users .you can play with any of the users. These associations doesn’t require large request to join. If you do not want to fight with your opponent player then you can ask him to your team ,or you can donate your troops to each other.

If you win against your opponent then you can win gold and elixir and other items from your opponent.

There are number of players who joined together to play the wars. All the players are also supported by each other. They can either be by giving materials or by giving the advice (players can talk to each other in the game) or the persons can donate their troops.

Firstly the players who play the Clash of Clans first time they build their own village, and then construct the buildings in the villages and then they have to buy the troops and after that giving proper training t the troops and upgrading the troops to a maximum level. When a player of Clash of Clans attacks to the other player of Clash of clan then they get stars for the maximum destruction they made. The player also receives a bonus for the destruction they made.

There are various challenges provided to the player of Clash of Clans but these challenges do not effect any trophy of the player and also do not affect players army. Friendly challenges are provided to the clanmates. If the two Clans has the same number of stars then the clan which do maximum destruction will win the game


  • There were major bugs and errors were fixed and improved.
  • You can safely defend with crusher, push trap, multi Mortar.
  • Better playing environment
  • Fixes performance issue
  • Strengths security within the game.
  • Multiple levels to upgrade.
  • Upgraded Canon, Archer Tower and inferno tower.
  • Bring out the batch will a new night witch.
  • Burn crisp to a new roaster defense.
  • Attack rate has been increased.
  • Find your favorite attacking army from the countless combinations of troops, spells Heroes and Clan reinforcements.
  • Battle with players worldwide with millions of players and take their trophies.
  • Build 18 different units with multiple levels.
  • Join with other players to form an amazing Clan.

Clash of Clans Version Details

VERSION 9.105.10
UPDATED ON 10th September 2017
SIZE 85.93MB
MINIMUM ANDROID VERSION Android 4.0.3+(Ice Cream Sandwich, API 15)
SECURITY LEVEL Fully safe(100%)

Download Latest version of the Clash of Clans 9.105.10 APK


Build your own kingdom. Rule your kingdom. Train your troops and upgrade them to maximum levels. The more upgraded the troop will be, the more chances of winning the play. Play in between 50 million Clans worldwide. Reach a milestone and win gems. This is a new virus free updated version. Take and win new challenges. Save your kingdom from outside attackers.

New Update of Latest Version of Clash of Clans 9.105.10 APK Games


This game is completely a virus-free game. The person who downloads this game doesn’t get affected by this game. This game is totally safe for the android users. It doesn’t harm your android gadgets.


Every time when the game is updated it gets more features than ever. Clash of Clans is a superb iconic game for android users .timely new versions of Clash of Clans for Android came and you get easily updated. More features and improvement is added with every update. There you get many surprises in this game. The latest running update is Clash of Clans 9.150.10 android APK. Android users get automatically updated if their automatic updation is on.

Play Unlimited Clash of Clans APK

Please note that Clash of Clans is completely free to play, although some games are purchased for money. No problem it is completely free. Also under the terms of services and privacy policies, the player must be at least 13 years old to play or download Clash of Clans.

There are some in-app purchases for ex – if you want to purchase either gold or elixir or gems by your own then there would be some charges. Offers are also available. It’s your wish to buy the in-app purchases or not, it is not compulsory to buy, you can also win this by just playing the game only.

There is also a feature of disabling the in-app purchases if you don’t want to buy any items from the real money. Just go to the device settings and disable this feature.

Clash of Clans requires an online network connection to play this game. You can’t play this game without an internet connection. This is an online streaming game. You also get new online offers and updating of the game.

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Troubleshooting of Clash of Clans

  • Application is not loading or crashes

If your application is not loading or it crashes after opening then follow the steps below:-

  • Close Clash of Clans application and relaunch it.

Click on the recent task button and then close the Clash of Clans application and comes back to the home screen

  • Power of your device and turn back on and then try to relaunch the application.

Press and hold your power off button and switch off your device and wait until your phone gets fully off. Then power it back on.

  • Remove the application and relaunch it.

Uninstall the Clash of Clans application and install it again.

  • Check your internet connection
  • Firstly check your connection and check if the device is connected to the internet or not. It is an online based game .You need a proper internet or wifi connection yo plays it.